How do bonus buy features work in online slots?

The interesting feature that many online slots now offer is the bonus buy. A bonus buy, also sometimes known as simply a “buy bonus”, is a feature in some online slots that allows you to buy instant access to the bonus round by paying a certain fixed price. Usually, in slots, you have to hit a specific combination during the base game to trigger the bonus round which offers the chance of bigger payouts. With a bonus buy, you skip right to the bonus round without waiting for the right trigger combination to hit.

How does it work?

When playing slots with a bonus buy feature, you’ll see a separate “Buy Bonus” button alongside the usual spin button. Clicking or tapping this button brings up a pop-up confirming the fixed cost to buy the bonus round immediately. This cost is usually a set multiple of your average bet size, for example, 50x or 100x your bet. Paying this fixed price will instantly launch the bonus round. The bonus round then plays out as normal according to the game’s mechanics and offers the same payouts and features as if you had triggered it conventionally through the base game.

  • Instant access – Don’t have to wait for bonus triggers which sometimes take a long time.
  • Bonus guarantees – Paying the fee guarantees you’ll get to play the bonus round.
  • Potentially bigger payouts – Bonus rounds offer larger payouts than the base game.
  • More excitement – Jumping straight to bonuses is more exciting for some players.

Tips for using bonus buys

Only risk what you can lose, set a precise budget per session, and stop when you hit it. To get the most playtime for your money, wager at the lowest bet level possible when using bonus buy. If you lose several bonus buys in a row, the natural tendency is to try to chase losses by buying more bonuses. Avoid this as it leads to reckless overspending. Play free demo versions first to gauge how volatile the bonuses tend to be before spending real money. Treat bonus buys as an added entertainment option rather than a surefire way to profit.

Bonus buys allow you to instantly access a slot’s bonus round by paying a fixed fee. It provides exciting guaranteed access to bonuses despite some variance at play. Properly used, bonus buys offer a fun extra dimension to playing online daftar-balislot. Be wary of getting caught up in reckless overspending unless you set a strict budget when using these features. Knowing how bonus buys work and utilizing them carefully as part of a controlled slot budget, are an exciting extra element to online slot play. Just be cautious not to get caught up in chasing losses when the bonuses don’t pay out. Always gamble responsibly and only play with money you afford to lose.

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